If you use Snapchat often, you may have noticed that it’s started draining your data pretty badly. Have no fear, though, because the Snapchat developers heard our cries and released an update that helps solve this data issue.

Earlier this month, Snapchat updated the app and added new features. One of the best new features is something called Travel Mode. When you enable Travel Mode on the app, it will prevent the app from automatically loading things like the popular Stories when you are using a cellular connection instead of WiFi. You can still view your Stories while using your data, but the app won’t just automatically load them in the background.

The only problem with this upgrade is that the setting is kind of hidden in the settings screen of the app. To find it, click the settings wheel at the top of your Snapchat screen. Then click on ‘Manage’ under ‘Additional Services’. On this page you will find ‘Travel Mode; and you can activate it by clicking the box next to it. You know it is activated when the box is filled in and has a small check mark in it.