Snap (formerly known as Snapchat) had only made its Spectacles available via pop up stores and vending machines across the United States. But this week, the company is finally offering its glasses through its new online store. By visiting this page, interested parties can purchase a pair of Spectacles in three colour options — namely, black, blue, and orange — for a retail price of $129. By the way, Spectacles come with a charging case that should be able to recharge the glasses four times. After purchase, delivery times will reportedly be between two to four weeks.

For those not familiar with Spectacles, they offer the capability to take video footage in 10 second long blocks. These blocks will then be saved to the user’s Memories folder in his Snapchat mobile app. What make Spectacles so interesting is that they come with a 115 degree lens, which can capture video in a circular format, basically akin to how human eyes see visual information. When the videos recorded by Spectacles are played back on the user’s mobile device, they are automatically cropped to either landscape or portrait format, that is, depending on how the user is holding his handset.


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