The general principles behind how to use a laptop are not being taught to the younger generation. To a large degree, this is based on peoples constant exposure to electronic devices at a young age. Most basic guidelines for using a laptop are being dismissed however. Here is how to use a Laptop, THE RIGHT WAY.

  1. Laptop, IS NOT FOR YOUR LAP

The name of the device would seem to denote the opposite, but the correct way for how to use a laptop is actually by using a solid, flat surface. As tones as you might be, a lap is not a solid nor flat surface and will not allow for the intended air circulation.

2. ALWAYS Shut Down

There is no secret to using a laptop, but understanding the way a device functions and maintains itself can help avoid user errors. For instance, a computer carries out housekeeping duties during the process of shutting down, therefore if you don’t shut down, the necessary updates will not commence and you will end up needing to buy a new one.

3. Avoid Motion with an Active Hard Drive

The hard drive is a crucial and sensitive piece of hardware. Using the laptop at an awkward angle or moving it around while its powered on can cause serious damage.

4. Exercise the Laptop Battery

Yanking the cord free from the wall by aggressively tugging anywhere on the length of the cord can cause damage to the plug end that connects to the laptop. This could mean your laptop wont charge or will charge slowly. Knowing how to use a laptop also means knowing how to handle the accessories that comes with it.

5. Take it to a professional

Make sure you take your laptop to a professional like Sparkle Phone Repairs if you ever need something done with it. Do not attempt a DIY or give it to Bob down the road that does the repairs for a carton.