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Why not to fix your iPhone yourself

4 Reasons You Should Never Attempt to Replace Your Cracked iPhone Screen Yourself. You probably don’t have all of the right tools. You’ll have to get several different pieces and tools that you’ll probably never need again. You risk shattering... Continue Reading →


Forget Apples ultra expensive new headphones, try these.

Apples new BeatsX headphones are out now, for the pricey sum of $199.99> That's  probably a fair price for a pair of headphones that are also a fashion accessory from a #famous brand, bits a bit too rich for my... Continue Reading →

The new ios10

iOS 10 launched on September 13, 2016 with a redesigned Lock screen, new Messages features, and much more. iOS features are: Redesigned Lock Screen New Features for messages Deletable stock apps New Home app for home kit Redesigned apple music... Continue Reading →

Tips for Snapchats battery drain

If you use Snapchat often, you may have noticed that it’s started draining your data pretty badly. Have no fear, though, because the Snapchat developers heard our cries and released an update that helps solve this data issue. Earlier this... Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Make your Iphone Battery Last Longer.

Turn off Bluetooth Many Iphone users have their bluetooth enabled when they do not realise. Bluetooth is a major battery hog! Bluetooth on Iphones are not very unneccessary unless you are using your bluetooth headphones 24/7. To turn the bluetooth... Continue Reading →

Youtube Red Guide

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